Hello, We are BDCart!

As the country’s leading wireless based data communication service provider, BDCart Wireless is expanding its horizons and offering a secure Payment Gateway that will enable online businesses to accept payments from their Clients.BDCart Wireless has developed a secure Payment Gateway platform called “BDCart”, using which Clients can pay the online merchants through their debit cards, credit cards, or bank accounts. BDCart Wireless also developed the storefronts for the merchants that will be connected to the Payment Gateway for transferring payments from Clients accounts to the merchant’s bank account. Clients will be able to pay the merchants from their bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, etc. using the proposed Payment Gateway.

We at BDCart Wireless, have come with this solution to make internet shopping as simple, secure and rewarding as using cash. With BDCart,merchants will be able to offer their clients a secured way to pay from their own bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards. The design of this Payment Gateway is structured in such a way so that it can facilitate from all existing and advanced technology in Bangladesh. It uses encryption and an end-to-end data authentication system to assure clients of security.

BDCart is partnered with the world’s most trustworthy Net Authentication Agency Verisign Inc.whose digital signatures are being used to implement industry standard security at the gateway. BDCart also follows PCI-DSS security guidelines for ensuring confidentiality of client’s information.

Mission Being one of the biggest mobile/web application based Value Added Service providers in Bangladesh, BDCart Wireless has a belief that the sky is our limit and with our business integrity, intelligence and expertise we will always try to offer the most appropriate business services and solutions specially tailored to the customers’ need. We are always committed to walk the extra mile for you so that we can ensure a positive impact for your business when you need it. We aim to reach the hands of millions of users regardless of which network operator they commonly use and where they use it.

BDCart Wireless believes that a specialized knowledge base in multitude of platforms will not only make it cost effective for organizations to offer their products and services to new and existing markets but it will also reduce barriers when communicating with each other for business needs. We have labelled our existing services into several categories in order to fulfill the diverse needs of the present corporate world. Our service portfolio is also enriched with the services which will cater to the needs of the individual consumer.

Vision The entire team of BDCart Wireless strives to offer mobile and internet based services and solutions to foster the growth of banks, financial institutes and corporate houses which rely on the these communication technologies to run their business operations. While this is always what drives us in the long run we also tend to plan ahead of time. Our company vision is to accomplish the following: “To become the leading mobile value added services provider in the Asia Pacific Region and slowly outgrow that to be the leading player for mobile content and solutions around the world.” We always believe that it is our most valued customers who will help us to achieve our goals in faith in a far fetched string of time. BDCart Wireless operates in Bangladesh’s local Information Technology and Telecommunication sector with a single aim: “To be the largest and most reliable mobile computing solution provider in Bangladesh and to be a household name in the mobile value added services corporate sector”